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The tours begin and conclude in an original plantation store that operated until 1983. The interior is the same as it was for over 100 years, filled with original counters, display cases, antiques, and merchandise. Gift shop items are also scattered throughout and include an extensive library of slave narratives, historical plantation architecture books, plantation research projects, children's literature, paper dolls, activity books, and specialty plantation cookbooks.

Additionally, Frogmore features reasonably priced plantation paintings by "The Preacher's Wife" who depicts southern culture vividly and colorfully. In addition, there are handmade cotton boll ornaments made of Frogmore cotton, cotton& frog jewelry, cotton bales, cups, stationery, candles, prints and trivets.

Food specialty items are a great way to take a taste of the wonderful local cuisine home for gifts or a special remembrance. The plantation store carries locally grown jellies, honey, blue ribbon cane syrup, praline pecans, roasted pecans, and easy at home mixes for gumbo, jambalaya, and etoufee'. We also feature Dorothy's hoe cakes - a plantation supper from the quarters,

Frogmore is named after Frogmore, England, and the store boasts its name with its Frogmore t-shirts in several colors, all which have a large plantation frog wearing his planter hat. Finally, there are frog souvenirs and loads of cute frog toys for children.