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We are open by private reservation. Our buildings are 25 feet apart and all visitors are distanced more than 6 feet. The historical fields are filled with open cotton bolls. Frogmore offers two tour options: Cotton Then & Now or The Plantation Civil War. Tours begin immediately upon arrival. Please click our Hours of Operation tab for details. The Delta Music Museum in nearby Ferriday features the Hall of Fame inductees from the Delta; the antebellum homes in Natchez relate the lifestyle of the wealthy planters; Frogmore, a plantation that created that wealth, tells the story of historical cotton and the lives of slaves and sharecropping through the 1960's. Your tour then contrasts historical methods with the touch screen computerized and mechanized farming and ginning of today. We also offer our new tour THE PLANTATION CIVIL WAR. Text includes political, economic, social, and racial causes of the war; Union army mandates and occupation on area plantations, federal corral in Natchez for freed slaves, confederate guerrilla activity against Union lessees, and the effects of the war on the women and children, both slave and free, that were left behind. Please see our admission fees for discounts on combination tours. NOW AVAILABLE the narratives from ex-slaves in Louisiana: CHAINED TO THE LAND. To purchase the book, please email or phone 318-757-2453. You may also download it online. Visit Amazon's Lynette Ater Tanner Page

Contrast a working cotton plantation of the early 1800's with a modern cotton plantation and gin of today. Follow the early Natchez planters and their slaves through an evolution from the wilderness to a thriving 1850's cotton plantation, and then beyond the War Between the States to a struggling new way of life.

Listen to the slave customs, secret music, and their surprising relationships with the master, mistress, and overseer. Walk through authentically furnished slave quarters, rare steam gin, and other plantation dependencies.

Then journey forward to the present as you tour an 1800 acre cotton plantation with a computerized 900 bales-per-day cotton gin. Frogmore is the only tour of its kind in the South and receives rave reviews by all attendees. We have been selected by Rand McNally as a "Must See Site" in the South/Southeast and by AAA Southern Traveler Magazine as one of the top three favorite attractions in the tri-states of Ark/La/Miss. Additionally, Frogmore won the Rural Tourism Award for the State of Louisiana and has been featured in Country Discoveries, AAA Southern Travelers, La. Cultural Vistas, Southern Living, along with many other magazines and PBS documentaries.

Our facilities are accessible to people with limited mobility and we have a golf cart available for persons with disabilities.

Translations are available in most languages. French, German, and Spanish include professional videos of both historical and modern tours.

Located in Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River at Natchez.
11656 U.S. Hwy 84
Frogmore, LA 71334
318-757-2453 or 757-3333

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